How to Take Care of Your Fine-Art Prints

How to Take Care of Your Fine-Art Prints

To keep your print looking as good as new for decades to come, please follow this guide.

Avoid touching or brushing the surface of the print as it is vulnerable to scratching or scuffing. Contact with your skin can also leave oils that will mar the image.

Always handle larger prints with two hands to avoid creases.

If desired, you can spray your print lightly with a fixative such as Hahnemuëhle Protective Spray or Premium Art Print Shield. Ask for these by name at Art Supply Stores. This is not needed if you intend to frame the work, which I would highly recommend.

For optimal display life, your print should be professionally framed behind glass or acrylic and kept out of direct sunlight. Framing (with acid-free mounts and frames) will protect your print from UV, dust, grease, etc and ensure it continues to look vibrant for many years to come.